About Us

About the shop and mission:

The Kindred Hearts Club is a shop of dreamy curated collections including the special element of our original designs. Kindred spirits were our inspiration; these are individuals that connect on a spiritual level and view the world through a similar lens. Our intention was to create pieces for those with shared interests, desires, and passions. Thus, The Kindred Hearts Club was born. We hope to empower and bring together these individuals in a club built on unity and kindness. 

About the founders:

Hi! We're best friends and founders of The KH Club. We grew up in the same city and always knew of each other but did not become friends until the end of our high school days. As we grew closer in those following years, we realized how alike we really are. We often find ourselves having telepathic moments: accidentally coordinating outfits, coming up with common ideas, or unknowingly buying the same things. It’s too many coincidences to brush off, and there’s no doubt that our thoughts, interests, and values run parallel. You can always find us on the same wavelength– two kindred hearts.